Saturday Night Beaver comes to the 2018 Beaver Queen Pageant!

May 1st, 2018 by Furrah

This year’s Beaver Queen Pageant will be on June 2nd from 4-7pm in Duke Park.  Swim on over to to learn about this year’s contestants and judges.  Vote early and often for your favorite contestant, or bribe a judge!  Proceeds go to the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association.

peace, love, beaver (and disco!)


Tails and Tiaras

April 24th, 2018 by Furrah

Our annual kickoff party for the pageant season is Saturday, April 28th, at Parker & Otis from 6-8pm. Come meet the new contestants and judges and dance to the tunes of the Bulltown Strutters! Get all of the information on the Facebook event page.

Tails and Tiaras Facebook event page

2017 Beaver Queen Pageant

May 26th, 2017 by Furrah

This year’s pageant is Saturday, June 3rd at 4:00pm in Duke Park. There is a new pageant website, too! Head over to to meet the contestants and judges.  While you are there, participate in the early online voting for your favorite contestants.

Meet The 2016 Contestants!!

May 10th, 2016 by Furrah

Purdy Holsom Beaver


Purdy Holsom Beaver is no stick in the mud. This beaver has travelled the world as a singer-schlongbiter, rapper wrong-writer. She has been a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for the last three years and has just completed her rap album, Vageezus: Voice of a Gynaration. When she’s not flapping her tail on stage, she enjoys long walks on the riverbank and obsessive note-taking. This beaver really gnaws down a pencil! Check out her beaver beats at


Poor Little Beaver, died at a very young age in a terrible incident involving a used tire and some soda can rings while out collecting sticks for her family dam. Even as her eyes closed, she vowed to return to her home. And she DID!
BeaverJuice comes from the land of the dammed. She was not born – she was conjured by some very worried residents of Ellerbe Creek.  She was summoned to Durham to protect the Ellerbe watershed from harm. A séance conducted by the Ellerbe Creek Wizards Association brought forth this powerful force from beyond.  BeaverJuice LIVES and she is here to protect the Ellerbe and make it a clean and beautiful haunt for the creatures of a thriving Ellerbe ecosystem.


Miss Muffy Beavereau


Hailing from the Enoch Run Creek which empties into the Holly River in the mountains of the picturesque  Appalachian range. Muffy had a charmed youth , Beautiful nature all around her. She had an eye for the wonders of the creek she lived in. . She is attracted to butterflies and apple blossoms. She has great memories of helping chew down tons of local wood to build fabulous dams and lodges. Apple wood is her favorite.

Muffy is the current reigning Miss Holly River 2015

She is a master dam and hut builder with a focus on making them beautiful. During her dam projects, she collected beautiful things that she found in the river. Couple that with her creativity and license from the Prim Pretty Pines school of Cosmetology she decided to enter the pageant and won.

Muffy decided from right that very moment that she wanted to expand her territory and seek out other creeks, rivers and tributaries. After paddling her tail for miles and miles making her way through some of the most degraded creeks and the saddest of watersheds,she made it to Ellerbe Creek.There she decided to make it her new home.   At first she Just wanted to have fun but she realized she wasn’t on Electric Avenue, and instead of being a Bad Girl , she started with the Beaver in the Mirror and Got Into the Groove to make a difference. Believe her when she says if she has the honor of being the next Beaver Queen,she will make a difference.


Twiggy Sawdust


Just when everybody thought he was gone, when he had performed his final mission and was ready to fade away, swimming to that great big beaver dam in the sky…. he returned.  You can’t kill greatness!  Twiggy Sawdust!  The world needs him: a spark of hope!  A lightning bolt ray of light to right the wrongs!  He’s a legend!  A rock and roll wizard, emerging from his labyrinthian dam with magic at the tip of his tail and music clenched tightly in his paws to bring happiness, joy, and equality to beavers everywhere.  Join him as he unites the very woodland creatures of the Ellerbe  under his siren call for a better tomorrow!


Carry Beaverwood


Born September 2005, in Charlotte, NC, Carry Beaverwood knew she was destined for greatness. With a voice as sweet as molasses, all the other beavers loved to hear her sing. At the age of 8 she auditioned for Ellerbe Idol, in which she blew the judges away.

Now being the youngest singer/songwriter in the beaver community, Carry has produced and recorded 3 albums with hits such as: Gnawed Away, Gnaw Break, Hey Good Kit, and Before He Gnaws. And most recently the wetland acclaimed Lodgers & Glamourstien’s The Sound of Beaver Live!