Beaver Queen Pageant kick-off event!

Join the Beaver Lodge and beaver lovers throughout the Triangle at Durham’s Scrap Exchange for the opening of The Green Gallery on Friday night, May 15th, in conjunction with Third Friday.

That’s right, soon, Durham will be host to “an exhibition of the Finest Handcrafted Beaver Tails in the entire universe.”

And don’t forget, the 5th annual Beaver Queen Pageant takes place in one month, on Saturday, June 6, at the Duke Park Meadow, at the corner of Acadia and Knox, in beautiful Duke Park. Stay tuned for bios of all the contestants and celebrity judges, and check in often here and at the official Beaver Lodge blog for the latest news on this year’s pageant.

3 Responses to “Beaver Queen Pageant kick-off event!”

  1. Yogi Beaver says:

    the photos are fabulous! wish I had been there!! swim on and build those dams my Southern friends! Peace, Love, Beaver, Namaste…
    sending furry beaver hugs your way!! Yogi

  2. Yogi Beaver says:

    Oh Kaferine! Always the curious Beaver! My tail is en route to Durham via UPS. It will arrive in time to be displayed, unfortunately, sans me… Yogi… at the scrap exchange on Friday. I will be there in June for the pageant with new tail signage, suitable for the Woodstick theme!! My former tail tags will also be on display at the Scrap Exchange so get on out Friday night and take a good long look while you can!!
    Peace, Love, Beaver,

  3. I’m looking forward to looking under Yogi Beavers tail for hidden messages. I hear the Magical Mystery Beaver is pretty tight this year.