Meet the contestants – Durga Beaver

Durga Beaver, like her predecessor Durga, was created when the whole dam Earth had become overrun with demons. The gods who ran the world had done everything they could think of to stabilize the world economy, society and environment. They erected barriers and fences, bombers and Humvees, bailouts and restructurings. But all of them failed to provide a firm foundation for the world. The gods were powerless against the evil forces which were running amok. So they convened a special session of all the dam leaders and acknowledged their inability to solve the problems using the same methods they’d been trying for years at the cost of billions of dollars and millions of lives.

They had thought that if they just put their heads together they would come up with something. So they tried and tried until their frustration became almost unbearable.

Suddenly at the very moment that they admitted their total inability to ease their frustration and come to a satisfying conclusion the ideal beaver entered each of their heads. They noticed for the first time that there were no beavers among all the dam gods and they saw the capacity of beavers to know exactly where and when to apply their mouths and their tails in order to achieve the smoothest flow and the firmest
structure to provide a life giving environment and a good dam time. The gods realized that all of their pitiful erections were doomed to fail without the guidance and support of the beaver.

That was the first step in their recovery.

They knew then they needed the help of a higher power. So they put their heads together again and prayed for the Queen Beaver to manifest and bless them. Their humility, intention and fervent prayer for help woke the goddess Durga from her thousand year slumber and she donned her beaver tail and descended to the dam demon infested world once again to defeat the evil forces and return the whole dam world to peace and harmony. This is the start of the Durga Beaver tale.

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