Meet the Judges – Maxi Go Lightly

I’m beginning to pick up a theme in this year’s judge class. I guess it’s got something to do with the pageant celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Great Rock Concert In Upstate New York.

Meet Maxi Go Lightly.

I grew up on a commune playing in the sunshine, eating the food we grew, and playing music. I started a band with some of my friends. We were called Ko Ko’s Rainbow Machine of Love, and we had the grooviest jams around. We wrote songs like “Love Bug on a Rug of Flowers of Peace” and “Psychedelic Ride to Rainbow Town.” I’ve heard that you can find a killer 49-minute version of our best song “Hey, Dude, Don’t Kill My Buzz” somewhere called cyberspace. How groovy is that.

But I left the band when they decided to sell out and sign a record deal… way too corporate, man. I choose to live my life without things like telephones, expensive threads, jobs or soap dragging me down. I just live life in my van going to the best music festivals on the planet spreading peace and love. I enjoy life as it comes my way.

I heard about this Beaver Pageant up at the Stovall Flea & Crawdad Mountain Jam and it blew my mind. Beavers? Whoooooa. I can dig it. Can I crash at your pad?

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