Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association Gives Thanks


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April 27, 2010

Dear Beaver Lodge Local 1504,

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association. Since the inception of the Beaver Queen Pageant, you have raised over $9,000 for ECWA.  We want to share with you how your support and the volunteer efforts brought in by your wonderful event are being put to use. In addition to water quality projects, land acquisition, and environmental education and outings, we work closely with the city and other entities in ways that leverage funds and stretch scarce resources to achieve the greatest good for the city and the environment. Since 2009, ECWA has brought over 1.6 million dollars in value to city by protecting open space and environmentally sensitive lands, including grants for upgrades at our urban preserves, water quality improvement projects, and school programs.

In March 2009, we acquired a new preserve which we have affectionately dubbed the Beaver Marsh, our fifth preserve. We are now working with the local neighborhoods to add trails and benches to make the preserve accessible to the public. We want all of Durham to enjoy the marsh and upland wooded areas, and the thriving wildlife that can be found in these 32.5 acres.

This summer we will begin an ambitious bank stabilization/restoration project on Ellerbe Creek between Guess Road and Interstate 85. This project, also realized through a grant and the leveraging $325,000.00 in city funds, will improve water quality, reduce sediments entering Falls Lake, reduce destructive flooding, and improve the appearance of the creek. A key component of the project is to reduce the erosion that is severely threatening the integrity and safety of the adjacent city greenway trail. The work will help to restore native habitat, thus increasing the sustainability of the water and land for native species.

As partners in the Upper Neuse Clean Water Initiative, we are part of the recently awarded 1.3 million dollar Healthy Forests for Healthy Watersheds grant. Through this grant, ECWA will promote sustainable forest management and conservation easements so that landowners can generate income from their land while protecting water quality and preserving open space.

As these achievements demonstrate, your support of ECWA is an investment that provides many returns in helping to make Durham a greener, healthier, and more vibrant place to live and do business.  Working together as a community we have, and will continue to, create positive change and a sustainable future for our city.


Katherine Meehan

Development Director

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