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The coveted Crown Jewels

Monday, May 31st, 2010

With the 6th Annual Beaver Queen Pageant approaching, there’s one thing on a lot of minds…  The Crown Jewels.

Yes, many a Beaver long to hold and caress the Beave Whisperer’s family jewels.  Soon, that dream will come true for one lucky (and talented) Beaver.

Spoils of Victory, Pageant Day, 2009

Much like the Stanley Cup, the Beaver Crown is exalted in the daily life of the Queen.  Babies are bathed in it, champagne is drunk from it, drum circles are formed around it.  Since last year’s Pageant, the Crown has seen a lot of action in Beave Whisperer’s hands…

Waking up with the Crown

Strictly Cristal around here

I wished for Bad Beaver's safe return home

Who’s Crown runneth over next?

Scarlett? Bullseye? 8 Second? Bambi? Natty Dready?

Stay tuned this Saturday to find out!

— Beave

The Band

Friday, May 28th, 2010

The Beaver Banditos, making an appearance at the pageant this year, are a band of musicians as well as a band of outlaws.
Wanted by the DOT–on 7 felony charges–for crimes they didn’t commit, they have spent the last year hiding in the swamps and marshes of Eastern North Carolina. Despite the DOT’s efforts to bring them to justice, the group has found the time to come together to practice music. Their woodsheding has paid off with such hits as “I Fought the Log;”
“Beaver City;” “Gnawin’ on Heaven’s Door;” and “La Beaver;” “Sympathy for the Beaver;” and “Black Magic Beaver.”

The group members, are, from left to right:

Back row:
Shotgun Beaver-rhyhtm guitar, Dental Dam-vocals,Cadamity Dan-drums, Rodeo Rah -vocals, guitar, congas, mandolin, Fidel Castoridae-vocals, guitar, trumpet, Deacon Beave -vocals, piano

Front row:
Doc Beaver-bass, Leevit beaver-harmonica, percussion
Not pictured: Reverb Beaver-vocals

Judge Matrix

Monday, May 24th, 2010
The Tail Does Matter
On June 5, 2010 there will be many beautiful tails in the meadow.  The tails are to be admired, revered, noticed.  Only touch a tail if asked and given permission; otherwise you may receive a tail slap.

Beaverella-Future Tail

not really judging–just observing & scoring

Seven corrupt Durham celebrity judges will score the contestants on the quality of their tail, wetland ready wear, talent and evening wear/stage presence.  Please feel free to help pay for a judge’s seat on the bench at the Board of Corruption.  The contestants will be given a question in which they must answer and they may or may not include World Peace in the response.
The wetland ready wear and tail segments will be combined on the matix this year.  The beaver tails worn by contestants represent the inner beaver they have embraced.  The audience is highly encouraged to wear their own iconic tail.


Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Bring Your Water Bottle

on sale at the Beaver Queen Pageant--$10

All at Once something as small as a reusable water bottle has a huge environmental impact.  (Local artist Bryant Holsenbeck has a few words to share about single use plastic.)  Bring your own reusable water to the Beaver Queen Pageant and we will fill ‘er up!  The Beaver Lodge Local 1504 will be selling a reusable “Keep Our Wetlands Clean” bottle for $10.   Buy one and help Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association.

Local Durham merchants also carry  fun metal bottles.  

available locally at Vaguely Reminiscent on Ninth St.