Beaver Pageant Bull Gathers Steam

Our beloved mechanical bull from the 6th Annual Beaver Queen Pageant has found a new home.  A little behind-the-scenes brokering has landed the bull a spot at Fullsteam Brewery.  Durham’s hottest new brewery opens their tavern doors to the public Friday, August 13th, and our bull will be there to rock, roll, and google-eye all who enter.

But first we have to get it there!  Saturday, August 7th, we’ll parade the bull around town a bit before dropping it off at Fullsteam.  Would you like to join us?  All Beavers welcome!  We’ll leave from our secret laboratory workshop near the Scrap Exchange around 1:00 or 2:00.  Details are still being worked out.  We’ll make our way through part of Durham, on our way to Fullsteam.  Note that Fullsteam will NOT be open for business yet.  There’s talks of stopping by La Vaquita so our bull can meet their cow, but that’s too far to parade, so we’ll play that by ear.

Send an email to the Lodge if you’re interested in following the bull on August 7th.

Oh, and we need to name him!!!

p.s. – Don’t forget to check out the Beaver Queen Pageant 2010 Indies Art Award.

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