Meet the 2014 Contestants

Beav Aldrin, Space Pioneer

beav aldren

The son of Marsh-A Moon and Ediferous Estuary Aldrin, Beav Aldrin was destined to become a space pioneer. After flying fighter jets for the Air Force, Beav entered the Massa-chew-setts Institute of technology (and dam design . . .), getting his Doctorate of Astrobeavonics. His thesis on Manned Orbital Rendezvous would forever earn him the name, “Dr. Rendezvous.”
After being accepting into the Astrobeaver program for the National Aerobeavonics and Swamp Administration program, Beav devised docking and rendezvous techniques that made the Gemini and Apollo space missions possible and are still used today. He also used his experience in the pond to pioneer underwater training for zero gravity space walks, again proving how important clean wetlands are for all walks of life, including space walks.
In 1966, Beav Aldrin beat Russian Cosmobeaver Twiggy Gagarin to perform the world’s first successful space walk. In 1969, Beav joined his fellow Astrobeaver, Gnaw Armstrong, to become the first beavers ever to walk on the surface of the moon. Since his retirement from NASA, Beav has continued to advocate for space exploration and clean water through books and appearances at events like the Beaver Queen Pageant.

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Beaverina Ballerina


The Beaverina is the daughter of Rudolf and Margot Beaver. Very early on

she showed signs of grace and poise, and loved to dance. She started dancing

at the Miss Fur’s School of Dance, and showed her compassion, and talent, early

on. She was discovered as she performed as one of the ?owers in “The Wood


From that point, she attended the prestigious Beaver Dam of the Performing

Arts, where she perfected her dancing skills.

She then joined the Beaver Ballet Theatre, in Beaver York, where she

quickly jumped up to Prima Beaverina.

Today, she will dance her classic piece, “The Dying Beaver” in that famous

Ballet, “Carnival of the Animals” composed by Carmen Saint-Beaver.

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Lieutenant Furhura


Ellerbee Creek, the final frontier.  These are the voyages of the colony Enterprise.  Its 5 year mission: to explore strange new wetlands, to seek out new trees and new shrubbery, to boldly go where no beaver has gone before.

If there was ever a beaver that gave a dam, it was Lieutenant Gnawyota Furhura.  The power behind the Command tail, this Communications expert can confront greedy Ferengulo, aggressive Mustela klingonensis, and keep up with the Cardassians. Her clever tongue can determine species of aspen or water lilly, or chide angry Canis romulus, in all 3 dialects.Intelligent, beautiful, graceful and powerful, Furhura swims near the center, getting A Piece of the Action, and observing everything.  She is responsible for knowing everything that’s going on all over the watershed.  She would know who’s speaking to who, what marshes anybody frequents, and what the hot topics of the day are, therefore she’s probably up on all the gossip too. With her perfectly manicured paw resting lightly right on the hot pulse-point of the colony’s moods, she could communicate instantly to Jim T. Castor with a tail slap or a look what the rest of his family was feeling.  Castor sometimes has to make territory decisions really fast, so it’s up to Furhura to keep track of the kits and yearlings.  She gets along beautifully with everyone. Furhura is more than the Communication specialist, she can also pilot the watershed.  She isn’t always left behind to repair the dam, she also rebuffs territorial neighbors, and can climb the lodge to make repairs, no matter how many lodge lurches there are.

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Miss Honey Bee-Vherr


honey bee vherr

Miss Honey Bee-Vherr buzzes in from Cedar Grove where she is a passionate advocate for her ecosystem. She is a lover of flowers of all types and spends her days digging deep in the mud to achieve her vision of Bee-topia. She spends her spare time in the comfort of her home hive surrounded by her retinue and being admired on the wing by errant drones. She loves sharing her honey and her special knowledge of plants and their pollinators with her larger community. At night she likes to shimmy out of her hive, dress up, and find her sass as she she shakes her statuesque beavertail with The Bottom Line Burlesque Troop. Her goal is “A Beaver in Every Bush or A Buzz in every Bloom.”

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 Mrs. Clairee’  Chandler Chappell



1986’s Miss Duke Park American World.


I was a proud Duke Park resident from 1963 to 1993. As a young girl I walked the streets of Duke Park with much civic pride. It is a beautiful neighborhood with much to offer the people who live there.

I have held many beauty titles over the years. I was Miss Durham Fire Prevention in 1977 & Miss Durham County Fair 1978. I was first runner up in the Durham Junior Miss Pageant & voted Miss Northgate Mall 1980.  I also was first runner up in the Miss North Carolina World Pageant & was voted Miss Summer Fun 1982.

I was awarded the title of Miss Power Company World 1983 & Miss Public Service Natural Gas Company 1985.

As a civic leader I have served the Durham community in many areas. I served as a member of the Durham Jaycees from 1985 to 1998 and won the title of Miss Jaycee World in 1991. I was a member of the Friendly North State Sertoma Club from 1997 to 2002 & served as their chapter President in 2001 & as their Chairman of the Board in 2002. I have also worked with the Durham Art’s Council, Durham Chamber of Commerce & Triangle United Way. I am former Durham Orange County Junior League member & former 1992 chairman of the Junior League bargain sale.

My husband & I are members of Watts Street Baptist Church & I serve on several committees there as well.  We reside in the Hope Valley neighborhood where I serve as secretary of the Hope Valley Neighborhood Board of Directors.


In closing I would like to say it would be a joy to win the crown in the Duke Park Beaver Pageant !

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