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From Delhi to Durham…

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Saturday, June 6th. 4:00pm pre-show – 5:00pm pageant. Duke Park Meadow, Durham.

Meet the 2015 Beaver Queen Contestants!

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Beaver Brides


beaver brides 1

The story of Castorella and Furina Beaver

Furina was raised in the hills of Tennessee. Unlike the other beavers in her neighborhood, she was not happy “gnawing wood,” so she found her way to Ellerbee Creek where she could spend her days in bliss frolicking in the meadow and splashing in the creek. Although she was happy, she longed to have another beaver to share her little beaver lodge.


Castorella grew up in New England. Tired of her pond icing over every winter, she came south looking for a place where the meadows were green and the creeks were getting cleaned up. When she discovered Ellerbee Creek, she knew she had found her forever home. One day in the woods, they were each gnawing on opposite ends of the same log; when they met in the middle, it was love at first bite.

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Dr. ” Beaver Buck” Teeth



Let me see now (heavy chewing sounds), I grew up a kit on the soggier side of the Ellerbe.  Old Pappy Longtail moved to these parts and settled in the “sticks” as they called it back then.  And of course, the old lodge was made of sticks.  Growin up in the sticks was tougher than the trunk of a quaking aspen, but we had our fun.  Early on, my Mama noticed my particularly protuberant pearlys and she said “Kit, you look like you have piano keys poking out of your lips!”  I was mighty proud and brushed them religiously.  Most beavers around brushed with beech tree branches.  We didn’t have any full sized beech trees in our wood, so I used the smaller beech tree, namely the son-of-a-beech tree for my own incisors.


From then on I knew what I was born to do.  Earliest sounds I can recall were those of ole Chewy Piano Smith and Pappy Longtail tickling those ivories down there on Broad Tail Street back when the Ellerbe was just a drip and the mighty Eno could only get your whiskers wet.  Those beavs could really slap a tail.  Some of the rent parties held in the dirty muskrat quarters were so unhinged they nearly felled nearby alders.


But playing the piano out on the pond where all the beaver kits can gather ‘round and folks are all slapping their tails is my real passion.  Let the BEAVER BOOGIE begin!

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Madame Beavery


Beaver Pageant

Who am I? When you think of the tragically glamorous Madame Beavery, you may know that she is a keystone species, you may have heard she plays a crucial role in biodiversity. But that’s just one side of her twisted, magnificent troubled soul. In truth, she aspires to beauty, truth, elation, passion, transcendence….at any cost! She will lullaby you into glorious surrender with the beauty of her beavery belting and brazen bossiness.  She will dash you into the beaver damns of your own mind, demanding the depths of your soul to be sacrified on the altar of beavery environmental consciousness. A Vote for Madame Beavery is a vote for Truth, Beauty, Progress and Transcendence! Hooray for Madame Beavery!

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Mz. Polly Nator


Mz Polly Nator

The queen bee is dying and the Beaver Lodge hive needs to make the royal jelly necessary to create a new queen.


Mz Polly Nator is a worker bee on a journey to find pesticide-free pollen and nectar for this task. She hopes to be queen and only high-quality, organic nectar will produce the best royal jelly and give her the strength to lead the hive.


The Duke Park Meadow is well-known by all of Polly’s pollinating friends as a place of great biodiversity where native flowers grow in abundance. She’s heading there on June 6. Come help Polly become the new Queen and save her hive!

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Satine Bieber



Introducing Satine Bieber, your 2015 Beaver Queen Pageant contestant.


Satine is an accomplished hooker who knows how to keep the lodge warm at night…by crocheting blankets and slippers for those cold Durham nights.

Satine’s favorite movie is Bride and Prejudice and she  loves to dance along to the Bollywood style song and dance numbers.

Satine believes all you need is love, peace, give it a chance…

and Beavers? They’re a girls best friend!


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