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Meet The 2016 Contestants!!

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Purdy Holsom Beaver


Purdy Holsom Beaver is no stick in the mud. This beaver has travelled the world as a singer-schlongbiter, rapper wrong-writer. She has been a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for the last three years and has just completed her rap album, Vageezus: Voice of a Gynaration. When she’s not flapping her tail on stage, she enjoys long walks on the riverbank and obsessive note-taking. This beaver really gnaws down a pencil! Check out her beaver beats at


Poor Little Beaver, died at a very young age in a terrible incident involving a used tire and some soda can rings while out collecting sticks for her family dam. Even as her eyes closed, she vowed to return to her home. And she DID!
BeaverJuice comes from the land of the dammed. She was not born – she was conjured by some very worried residents of Ellerbe Creek.  She was summoned to Durham to protect the Ellerbe watershed from harm. A séance conducted by the Ellerbe Creek Wizards Association brought forth this powerful force from beyond.  BeaverJuice LIVES and she is here to protect the Ellerbe and make it a clean and beautiful haunt for the creatures of a thriving Ellerbe ecosystem.


Miss Muffy Beavereau


Hailing from the Enoch Run Creek which empties into the Holly River in the mountains of the picturesque  Appalachian range. Muffy had a charmed youth , Beautiful nature all around her. She had an eye for the wonders of the creek she lived in. . She is attracted to butterflies and apple blossoms. She has great memories of helping chew down tons of local wood to build fabulous dams and lodges. Apple wood is her favorite.

Muffy is the current reigning Miss Holly River 2015

She is a master dam and hut builder with a focus on making them beautiful. During her dam projects, she collected beautiful things that she found in the river. Couple that with her creativity and license from the Prim Pretty Pines school of Cosmetology she decided to enter the pageant and won.

Muffy decided from right that very moment that she wanted to expand her territory and seek out other creeks, rivers and tributaries. After paddling her tail for miles and miles making her way through some of the most degraded creeks and the saddest of watersheds,she made it to Ellerbe Creek.There she decided to make it her new home.   At first she Just wanted to have fun but she realized she wasn’t on Electric Avenue, and instead of being a Bad Girl , she started with the Beaver in the Mirror and Got Into the Groove to make a difference. Believe her when she says if she has the honor of being the next Beaver Queen,she will make a difference.


Twiggy Sawdust


Just when everybody thought he was gone, when he had performed his final mission and was ready to fade away, swimming to that great big beaver dam in the sky…. he returned.  You can’t kill greatness!  Twiggy Sawdust!  The world needs him: a spark of hope!  A lightning bolt ray of light to right the wrongs!  He’s a legend!  A rock and roll wizard, emerging from his labyrinthian dam with magic at the tip of his tail and music clenched tightly in his paws to bring happiness, joy, and equality to beavers everywhere.  Join him as he unites the very woodland creatures of the Ellerbe  under his siren call for a better tomorrow!


Carry Beaverwood


Born September 2005, in Charlotte, NC, Carry Beaverwood knew she was destined for greatness. With a voice as sweet as molasses, all the other beavers loved to hear her sing. At the age of 8 she auditioned for Ellerbe Idol, in which she blew the judges away.

Now being the youngest singer/songwriter in the beaver community, Carry has produced and recorded 3 albums with hits such as: Gnawed Away, Gnaw Break, Hey Good Kit, and Before He Gnaws. And most recently the wetland acclaimed Lodgers & Glamourstien’s The Sound of Beaver Live!

2016 BQP Judge Bios

Monday, May 9th, 2016

Howard Wood (Laundrymen) – The Greatest American Beaverimage00

The Greatest American Beaver [a.k.a. Ethel Furman (2013) and Clean Beaver (2015)] believes in equality and justice for ALL beavers, and believes our nation can one day again be a symbol of love and acceptance.  He will defend the woods and wetlands of Durham County as a safe haven for all wildlife and loves that the beaver community so openly supports all people and animals without judgment.  Look for the Greatest American Beaver in your neighborhood and give him a hug, handshake, or pat on the back!  Don’t be afraid to touch this beaver.  He won’t bite.  Loving American Beaver is the best thing you can do.


Miss Genie Tailyah (Vaguely Reminiscent)


Miss Genie Tailyah was waxing her tail when she got the call from her friend the hotline psychic, Miss Cleo Taurus.  Cleo, in an obviously fake Jamaican accent, tells her “Girl, you are needed at the pageant!” and Genie is all like “What?”  So Cleo reiterates, “You’re not listening to me, in the cards I see ya goin’ to the pageant.”  Genie, although confused by Miss Cleo Taurus and her predictions for the future, agrees to go because the Beaver Queen Pageant is such dam fun.  Genie says “Tail-Yah! I’m going to the pageant! Thanks!” and Cleo responds “The cards have revealed things that you’ll never see yourself, call me now!”  Genie Tailyah hangs up and immediately begins her strict training program as a judge by binge watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Cindy Logger


Life can be cruel and it was for young beaver, Cyndi Logger. Hard as she tried to look and behave like the other beavers of Queen’s Lodge, she just couldn’t do it. She enjoyed wearing her beaver tail perky and brightly colored and would often be heard singing or seen dancing, inciting merriment amongst the other young beavers. Unfortunately, her “colorful” behavior was considered obscene and intolerable to the lodge elders. Beavers work, beavers do not have fun! So while she was still a young beaver, she was kicked out of the lodge and disowned by her family. Cyndi Logger was incredulous, Beavers can’t just work all the time, beavers need to have fun! Cyndi left the lodge and walked cautiously thru the woodland and soon saw a foxy fox singing and dancing his heart out.  Cyndi got out her guitar and began playing and approached the stranger. Foxy fox was instantly aroused when he saw the colorful beaver with her perky tail. Fox looked at his spectacular tail and saw it was standing on end. Amazing, it has taken a beaver to make my tail so full and fluffy. She gave it a quick swat and they began playing together. Yes, it’s fun to be a beaver! She now performs regularly at beaver lodges and never misses the opportunity to sing, When the work’in day’s done, Beavers just wanna have fun!  You’ll find Cyndi Logger around Duke Park woodlands and creeks, willing and ready to take bribes; candy, wine, compliments or whatever to sway her colorful tail your way.

Down-under Beaver (Raleigh Brewing Company)


Here’s Down-under Beaver for Raleigh Brewing! Down-under’s adventures continue… On walkabout, she traveled all the way down the Ellerbe to Falls Lake, where she met a fab beaver named Marilyn Monbeavroe. They became besties. Marilyn is the only Sheila that could ever drink DU under the table, mates! They really knocked back a few pints in solidarity when judge Rock Woodsman, Man of Mystery, moved on to the next stream and beautiful tail beaver lass. Marilyn Monbeavroe asked Down-under Beaver if she could fill in as judge and represent Raleigh Brewing, and the water that flows from Ellerbe into their brewing tanks. DU said, “I can drink to that!”. So if you love Ellerbe and a bonzer cleansing ale, bribe DU for your contestant today. Good on ya, and cheers!

Badonna (Acme Plumbing)


Returning to stage and stream, 80s icon Badonna Beaver, is teaming up with water wizards, Acme Plumbing! Long-time BQP fans and voters will remember Badonna’s star turn on the meadow stage. As Acme knows, she still has the pipes and the stems to wow a crowd and attract those bribes – After all, she is a material beaver and like a beaver, she is judging for the very first time. Get into the groove and show her some appreciation to help your favorite contestant. Cause “only the one that gives her pennies makes her rainy day-ay”.

Sweaty Beaver (Bikram Yoga Durham)

In the middle of teaching a hot yoga class, Sweaty Beaver received an important call from his guru, Bikram Gnawsalot. Bikram had just had a damming vision. Ellerbe Creek was in trouble and needed Sweaty Beaver’s help! Sweaty Beaver uses yoga to bring woodland creatures together. Tree Pose and Half Beaver Moon Pose are his personal favorites. Sweaty Beaver is at the peak of beaver health, making him a role model for beavers everywhere.