Beaver Links

Beavers, The Wikipedia Entry

The Oregon State University Beavers

The Portland Beavers Minor League Ball Club
(We may be beaver lovers, but we love our Durham Bulls!)

Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association
Protecting the local habitat for our furry friends.

Beaver Management in North Carolina
With full instructions on how to skin a beaver. There is apparently only one way, further emphasizing that beavers are not aquatic felines.

Beaver Management Assistance Program (pdf)
Because sometimes one’s beaver is simply unmanageable on one’s own.

Beaver Pond Benefits (pdf)
Other than the obvious—waterfront property!

I Love Beavers
Swag from an enterprising beaver lover on Cafepress.

Leave It To Beaver
Yes, that one.

An analysis of “The Beaver Theory” by someone who was probably drunk when he wrote it.

Canadian Scouts
We have cubs or brownies…they have beavers! Go figger!

Beaver Games
Because beavers just want to have fun.