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Meet the 2012 BQP Contestants

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

The 2012 BQP Contestants will debut Saturday, May 5th during the kickoff party hosted by the Casbah. Come out to the Casbah to meet the contestants, dance with the Bulltown Strutters and Blue Tail Skinks, and watch daring fire performers from Cirque de Vol Studios. Visit the Board of Corruption to start stuffing the ballot boxes for your favorite contender. You can follow most contestants on facebook.

Bailar Beaver
Angelina Maria Socorro Rivera aka Bailar Beaver, is a first generation immigrant, was raised in a small integrated community of Latino beavers. Mujeres y hombres from Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina and USA co-raised their kits together. They celebrate their heritage, culture and love for Durham with a weekly feast, music and dancing. Bailar learned to dance not only Latin but all forms of dancing shared by her community teachers including Zydeco, Clogging, Funk, Punk and Disco.

Bailar’s family swam across the border to seek a community that offered a good education for the kits, job opportunities, arts and embraced ethnic diversity. They continued Northwest until they heard singing and clapping coming from a nearby creekside. The friendly tribal community invited Bailar’s family to join them for birch tree root beer and willow tree BBQ and rest from their travels. The mayor, Fernando Ortega Bell Beaver, explained how their beaver community envisioned a new world where a beaver is no longer expected to live the solitary beaver life but live among other beavers to share the load and reach their goals. “Our little Durham Marsh welcomes you and your family to our small town with big city dreams!”

Vote AGAINST Amendment One–Vote FOR Bailar.

Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Beaver
Robert Louis Stevenson aimed to protect the honor and innocence of the Durham wetland animals when he took his artistic liberties in writing the story of the Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The true inspiration was the demise of the real Dr.Jekyll, a brilliant and beautiful scientist beaver. Her life and research revolved around the conservation of local wetlands. During a late night experiment in the lab, something went terribly wrong. She tried to create a potion that would make people love this earth as much as she does, but instead it turned her into the crazed, rolling-pin waving, and pollution loving housewife, Mrs. Beaver. Both Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Beaver live in a constant battle, and Dr. Jekyll’s only hope of overcoming the demon Mrs. Beaver is to save the wetlands.

Help good triumph over evil, Vote for Dr. Jekyll.

Down Under Beaver

Pronounced- Down Unda

As a young kit, Down Under was ever thea dventurous Beaver. One day while exploring inside some boxes & crates by the creek bed, she was bundled into a van and taken on a long journey to the exotic wetlands of Australia! She made many interesting new friends and got to taste strange new wood. Dam-building led to discovery by the scientist who’d accidentally transported her. And with not a little bit of inter-governmental jiggery-pokery (and a few raised eyebrows), Down Under, as her name became, found her way back to home sweet Ellerbee.

Vote Down Under, Mate! Goodonya!!.

Furrah Gnawsett-Major
Furrah Gnawsett has been a pin-up model and star of the small stream for many years, most famously appearing as a wetlands grime fighter on Charlie’s Beavers and The Bionic Beaver. On the big stream, Furrah had a sizzling role as the swimming beaver who gets eaten in the 1975 summer blockbuster movie, Gnaws.

More recently on March 19th, 2011, Furrah Gnawsett, along with many of his fellow Durhamites, married the City of Durham. To mark this new bond, Furrah’s married name became Furrah Gnawsett-Major, taking the name of his new spouse, Major the Bull.

Being a stylish 1970s beaver is very important to Furrah. Remember his motto, “Perfectly coiffed beavers are a must; make that hair feathered, and that’s a plus!”

Vote for the Furrahist in the land!

Marilyn DamHo
Marilyn Damho is the star of the stream. Hailing from California, she was born Norma Jean Beaver. She left the lodge one day searching for a life of water lillies and wetlands. She starred in films such as River of No Return, Seven Year Beaver Itch and Some like it Wet. She built dams in Chicago, San Francisco and New York, where everyone wanted a piece of her fur. Sick of the Castor couches, she brings her love of wet beaver here to Durham in FURLESQUE.

Stuff the ballot box for DamHo.

Taco Belle
Taco Belle is a saucy Texas beaver who got her start entertaining hungry cowpokes waiting in line at Taco trucks. After spending some time in the dancehalls of El Paso, perfecting her salsa and cha-cha-lupa, she decided to seek out the beaver-friendly habitat she’d heard so much about in Durham. Taco is a foodie who loves to experiment with many taco variations. This senorita is most fond of hosting fiestas for her fellow beavers where she can share her tasty taco delights. Taco believes in encouraging everyone to open up their palates with new flavors and enticing treats.

Eat a Taco, Save a Beaver!