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The Band

Friday, May 28th, 2010

The Beaver Banditos, making an appearance at the pageant this year, are a band of musicians as well as a band of outlaws.
Wanted by the DOT–on 7 felony charges–for crimes they didn’t commit, they have spent the last year hiding in the swamps and marshes of Eastern North Carolina. Despite the DOT’s efforts to bring them to justice, the group has found the time to come together to practice music. Their woodsheding has paid off with such hits as “I Fought the Log;”
“Beaver City;” “Gnawin’ on Heaven’s Door;” and “La Beaver;” “Sympathy for the Beaver;” and “Black Magic Beaver.”

The group members, are, from left to right:

Back row:
Shotgun Beaver-rhyhtm guitar, Dental Dam-vocals,Cadamity Dan-drums, Rodeo Rah -vocals, guitar, congas, mandolin, Fidel Castoridae-vocals, guitar, trumpet, Deacon Beave -vocals, piano

Front row:
Doc Beaver-bass, Leevit beaver-harmonica, percussion
Not pictured: Reverb Beaver-vocals