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Meet the 2011 Contestants

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

The 2011 BQP Contestants had their debut Saturday, April 30 during the kickoff party hosted by the Casbah. Now the contestants are ready for their virtual debut.
Visit the Board of Corruption to start stuffing the ballot boxes for your favorite contender.

Syntheia Finklepott
Mme Finklepott tours the USA with her confidant and traveling companion, Montague Jacques Fromage. They raid airships and sell the booty. Mme Finklepott is a misfit and troublemaker of the most enjoyable sort. She is easily bored by rules and holds little regard for the status quo. Change the world-Vote Finklepott.

Cherry Cherry Bang Bang DaBeava
After Cherry’s father disappeared in a mysterious plane crash in the deep bush of the Congo, she was forced to flee her evil uncle Baron Von Burstedam, her bodice stuffed to the brink with secret family recipes. She found a home in Beaver Country and has won the heart of the locals by becoming a generous purveyor of her family’s Bang Bang DaBeava sweet treats. Whether adorned with cream or doused in dark chocolate, Cherry always seems to have a warm pie ready and waiting to keep all of the citizens satisfied, men and women alike. She hopes to turn her hand soon to cataloguing obscure flora and fauna and designing elaborate and unreasonable shoes for women. In the meantime, she invites you to sample her delicious wares anytime. Vote Cherry.

Fur Pelton John
Fresh off his front-row appearance at the Royal Wedding of Wills and Kate, Fur Pelton John embodies all that is a true Beaver Queen. Dedicated to both the environment and fashion, he’s slapping his tail in anticipation of the 2011 Beaver Queen Pageant. The furrier twin of another well-known entertainer, Fur Pelton is ready to put the glam in Stream Punk. Mark his words…the beaver is back! Join him at the lodge at the end of the stream on June 4, 2011.  Get on the stick and vote Pelton.

  Miss Magnolia Beaver
Miss Magnolia  grew up on a showboat performing musical numbers for eager crowds up and down the river. Her favorite moments came when adoring fans threw bouquets onto the stage at her feet. Flowers are still the fastest way to Magnolia’s heart, and she believes there is nothing more beautiful than a wetland in full bloom. Now that Miss Magnolia and her leading man have paddled ashore to settle in Durham, this beaver can most often be found working in the garden outside of her lodge or admiring the wildflowers along Ellerbe Creek.  As queen, Miss Magnolia will work hard to keep every beaver’s pelt petal fresh as a daisy.  Fresh votes accepted.

Muddy Waters & The Blues Beavas
Muddy WatersMuddy Waters was born in a ramshackle lodge at the wrong end of Ellerbe Creek. Suffering came easy and early. She was given her first blues harp by her mammy who lay dying beneath a tree that had fallen the wrong way. With that harp in her paws, Muddy blew with all her heart. It wasn’t long before she attracted the attention of beaver-loving brothers Elmwood and Jake. When the threesome finally quit messing with their slimy logs and started playing some music, the result was a band so powerful it could turn bull piss into gasoline.  Muddy has been pelting out a bluesy mix of swamp music ever since.  Stuff the ballot box with Muddy votes.