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Charge Ahead Durham

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

We beavers work hard to leave our community in better shape than we found it. Our friends at Durham City-County Sustainability Office are thinking like beavers. They have a fun way to make Durham better for the next set of kits. Charge Ahead Durham. Let’s all play.

Beaver Pageant Bull Gathers Steam

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Our beloved mechanical bull from the 6th Annual Beaver Queen Pageant has found a new home.  A little behind-the-scenes brokering has landed the bull a spot at Fullsteam Brewery.  Durham’s hottest new brewery opens their tavern doors to the public Friday, August 13th, and our bull will be there to rock, roll, and google-eye all who enter.

But first we have to get it there!  Saturday, August 7th, we’ll parade the bull around town a bit before dropping it off at Fullsteam.  Would you like to join us?  All Beavers welcome!  We’ll leave from our secret laboratory workshop near the Scrap Exchange around 1:00 or 2:00.  Details are still being worked out.  We’ll make our way through part of Durham, on our way to Fullsteam.  Note that Fullsteam will NOT be open for business yet.  There’s talks of stopping by La Vaquita so our bull can meet their cow, but that’s too far to parade, so we’ll play that by ear.

Send an email to the Lodge if you’re interested in following the bull on August 7th.

Oh, and we need to name him!!!

p.s. – Don’t forget to check out the Beaver Queen Pageant 2010 Indies Art Award.

Meet the Beaver Queen Contestants’ Pets

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Meet me at the Pin Hook

In an unprecedented act of charity the 2010 Beaver Queen Contestants’ pets have organized a drive in response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  Knowing the importance clean wetlands are to the critters that inhabit the Gulf marshes the contestants are hosting a “Meet the Beaver Contestants’ Pets” event @ The Pinhook on Wednesday, May 19 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

Please come out to have some cold beverages with the beaver contestants (and their fine pets), and help us gather supplies to help the Gulf Coast address the oil spill.

Needed supplies: Dawn liquid soap, pantyhose, down pillows, human/animal hair in bags, T-shirts, heavy waterproof gloves and garbage bags.
More details to follow.
For more information about the Beaver Queen Pageant and it’s quest to have a good time while raising money for the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association visit:

A Letter from an L.A. Beaver

Monday, June 8th, 2009

On the day of the pageant, I received this letter from a beaver buddy in L.A., who seeks to spread the joy of beaverdom to the lands south of Oxnard, where beavers must travel all the way to Duh Moines to get married:

My Beloved Fellow Beavers,

It is with great sadness that I cannot attend what would have been my first Beaver Pageant. My sadness is mitigated, however, with joyful news.

The musk that sustains us has been emitted, sprayed — nay, lathered, upon many aspirants on the West Coast. Your voice has been heard, and borne (sometimes without warning) 2,500 miles away. I celebrate joining them with you, if only by proxy. There are a lot of hot beavers in LA.

While I pine to approach you in person, I can report that I have personally taught the Beaver Way to several young beavers in West Hollywood who now understand our cause, even if they denied it at the time. They are now an addition to our community, spreading Beaverness, among other things, throughout Southern California. They are actively preaching our Good Word on elementary school campuses, houses of ill repute, The Senate, locker rooms and airport bathrooms throughout southern California.


At this time of two unfortunate wars, I am prideful that we have several followers who serve valiantly in our Beaver Armed Forces, specifically to some Very Hawt Beavers at Camp Pendleton who can BE a beaver, but who cannot TELL their righteous, personal beaver stories. But they did to this Beaver.

Text me.

The good news, my friends, is that they have my cell phone number and we regularly discuss the Dao of the Beaver.

Your diligence is spreading my Beaver friends. For that you should rightfully rejoice!

We are broadcasting our message across this great land much like a forceful pheromone finds its way through a beaver lodge or the scent of poppers through the ducts of a gay bathhouse. We ARE EVERYWHERE, MY FRIENDS!

We have stretched, like a vast beaver colony – spanning thousands of miles; crossing rivers, ponds and backyard pools abandoned by foreclosed homeowners. Together we shall beat our tails as one as a resounding drum hammer of antagonism to our oppression! In multiple time zones we will shout “BEAVER PRIDE!”




As your West Coast Beaver in absentia, I personally have found great pride, with the gracious sponsorship of my sister beavers, Flapper LaTail and Kaferine De Nerve.

They have guided me in finding the strength to claim my GOD-GIVEN right as a beaver. Flapper LaTail has served as my sponsor and has had many a late night phone call from a certain unsteady, more-likely-than-not self-medicated — yet eager aspirational beaver.

Kaferine de Nerve has kindly made me a friend on FaceBook. I am now… after this long, confused swim to an uncertain lodge yet unbuilt… a beaver’s Shangri-La, I’ve broken through the dam wall and claimed my right to call myself A BEAVER! My brothers and sisters, you have allowed me to state my BEAVERHOOD… as my own and I am truly thankful.


I have a DREAM that beavers everywhere will unveil themselves, strip themselves of the chains and weight and mud of oppression and proudly proclaim that I AM A BEAVER, HEAR ME DAM UP YOUR RIVERS!

Young beavers joining clawed feet with older beavers; tawny beavers singing in joyous harmony with brunette beavers; beavers working alongside moles, muskrats and voles of every shade of brown and every shape of tail – from the thin and reedy to the flat and ponderous. Fresh water beavers and beavers of ALL WATER DENSITIES will come together across this great nation and proclaim: “DAM IT!” Small beavers; chronically overweight beavers with anorexic beavers, diabetic beavers, ADHD beavers, bipolar I beavers, Southern beavers, Jewish, Baptist, Catholic beavers – beavers of EVERY fur pattern despite the location of their dam or lodge. Transgendered, trans-identified, cross dressing, bisexual, queer-identified and sexually neutral beavers and beaver sex-workers HAVE RIGHTS, DAM IT!


We have failed our fellow beaver in slavery at zoos worldwide!


We can unite together and build not a dam, but BRIDGE OF BEAVER LIBERATION!


We are filled with your spirit and musk in Los Angeles. Even though I am not present, my nose is full of your scent. UNITE BEAVERS ACROSS THE WORLD!


Foreign beavers need our help. Second World Countries, like the United States, can help our brethren in more economically stable states, like Dubai. I call for action locally and internationally.



In exalted Beaver Spirit, I remain yours in unity,

Jacqueline Kennedy Beaver Onanist