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Miss Hygeniality Award

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Made in Durham: by Sandi Grey Terry

In 2008 Beaverly Woody added the title of Miss Hygeniality to the Beaver Queen Pageant. 
Here’s how Beaverly Woody tells it:  “any beaver can be nice. Congenial in any other pageant is just that, nice. Nice, what is nice without clean? Look at the Gulf.
If we treat it nice then all manner of crap can happen. If we treat it clean then animals to not get covered in oil.
The old is ‘play nice’, new is ‘play clean’, it rhymes with green.”

Dirty Beaver-Miss Hygeniality 2009

photo by Barry Ragin

Dirty’s thoughts on winning Miss Hygeniality 2009:   Being Miss Hygeniality has been the best thing a Dirty Beaver could ask for. I feel as if my life has meaning now.. a cleaner, more pleasant-smelling and darn attractive existence. Though I still embrace and accept my name as Dirty Beav to not forget my past, I can hardly articulate the joy I experienced of having the Miss Hygeniality plaque placed around my neck. I believe slip and slides have magical powers.. and I think everyone should try saturating themselves with the frothy foam of slip and slide love, so that they too, can truly feel the clean.   


Made in Durham. plaque by Barclay McConnel

Old Thyme Beaver muses upon Miss Hygeniality 2008:
What has it meant to be the first Miss Hygeniality?? OMG! It has meant so much! First of all… if you Google the word “hygeniality” what happens?! My picture comes up… and well… whoever the 2009 award went to… 😉 WE DEFINE “hygeniality”. What a fabulous honor! We ARE “Hygeniality”   

During my reign the award gave me the power to judge the hygene, and etiquette of other beavers ( both male and female) in the collective pond. Passing out citations became a role to help those beavers who had fallen astray. I truely hope the collective Beaver Pond is cleaner because of my efforts in 2008/2009. Thank you all Beavers great and small, male and female for the honor of Miss Hygeniality.